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Laura Cantrell 02.02.12
@ Hill Country BBQ NYC
Truthfully, the absolute LAST thing I would want to do on a frigid as compared to this mild winter's night was trudge above 14th all the way to 26th in fact to a BBQ joint (I don't like to eat after 6pm - Gremlin rule - which was even more tortuous.  But with Laura Cantrell as a reason, the evening took on a decidedly rosier outlook.  Instead of an epic trek into the uptown tundra hinterlands, a 15 minute heated car drive was a small sacrifice to make for one of NYC's true musical treasures.  The constant and goddamn sweet wafts of all sorts of meats really added to the ambience once I got over my Pavlovian salivating.  Being that this was the first night of her February Thursday residency, I'll know better in the coming weeks to stave myself all day and put on a feedbag just before show time.  She sounded amazing as always, the lighting was spectacularly subdued, and Hill Country is a pretty sweet change of pace venue from typical NYC rock fare - the Texas state flag/autograph wall on the back of the stage being a particularly down home touch.


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