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This band photography blog was created in March 2011 as an contra-Fitzgeraldian second act.  It will someday eventually contain restored photos from my original site (1999-2007).  Both new and old shows are listed below as they're added. 

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Recently New or Remastered

Denali 10.02.03 (remastered)

Buffalo Clover 05.14.14

Beatie Wolfe 09.12.12

Dennis Cahlo & The Change 06.27.14

Elka & The Seltzers 08.13.14

Bunny Punch 04.04.14

Slang King 05.16.14

Beth Orton 06.14.04 (remastered)

Maggie Poulos 06.27.14

Autodrone 12.05.03 (remastered)

The Mayberries 07.27.14

The Mayberries 06.23.14

The Mayberries 05.05.14

Overlord 07.19.14

Sly Moth 07.19.14

Silversun Pickups 10.06.11

PJ Harvey 06.05.04 (remastered)

Dirty on Purpose 04.19.03 (remastered)

Laura Cantrell 02.02.12

Lindbergh Palace 06.30.11

Archers of Loaf 06.26.11

Tiff Randol 05.14.11

Dean and Britta play Galaxie 500 06.17.11

Broken Social Scene 06.19.03

The Canon Logic 04.28.11

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 01.23.05

The Head Set 05.13.11

Tilly and the Wall 06.01.04

Elliot and the Ghost 05.10.11

Yes! Selector Party 09.10.03

Brenn 05.10.11

New Moods 05.09.11

The Caulfield Sisters 11.03.03

Daniel Wayne 05.05.11

The Affair 12.11.03

Men and Whales 05.05.11

Snowden 07.20.04

The Revere 05.05.11

Hula 07.09.04

Seaflux 04.29.11

The mOrgans 04.29.11

Kristin Diable 03.16.04

Elk City 09.13.03

Switchblade 04.29.11

Annekei 03.07.11

Unknown Mortal Orchestra 04.25.11

Dirty on Purpose 04.19.03

The Postal Service 04.18.03/04.19.03

The Lemonheads 04.28.11

Young Prisms 04.23.11

Laura Burhenn 08.19.04

Carissa's Wierd 07.05.03

Smith Westerns 04.25.11

The Kills 07.18.03

The Photo Atlas 04.21.11

Calla 04.26.03

stellastarr* 05.13.05/05.20.05

Voxhaul Broadcast 04.19.11

Skybombers 04.19.11

The Comas 09.08.04

Night Fevers 04.19.11

Versus 01.04.03

Charlotte Martin 06.10.03

The Factory 04.16.11

Tenements 04.16.11

The Blake Babies 07.19.01

Shelby 04.05.04

New York Band Draft 10.16.10

Rachael Yamagata 09.27.03

Rilo Kiley 03.02.03

The Morning After Girls 03.24.05

Beck 04.16.05

Franz Ferdinand 02.19.04

Ponywhip 04.08.11

The Pioneers of Seduction 04.06.11

PJ Harvey 06.05.04

Wolfmother 09.15.04

Denali 02.06.04

Dear Comrade 04.05.11

Dennis Cahlo 01.27.04

The Realistics 10.03.03

Corita 04.02.11

Lykke Li 05.07.08

The Antlers 04.16.08

Karen Elson & dawn Landes 12.20.03

Overlord 04.02.11

Pela 10.04.03

Sea Ray 05.03.03

Low 12.03.03

The Dough Rollers  03.25.11

Bright Eyes 02.24.04

Tilly and the Wall 01.18.04

Haley Bonar 12.03.03

joanaspolicewoman 01.27.04

The Threads 03.07.11

Longwave 05.03.03

The Twenty Twos 10.10.03

Madison Strays 06.08.04

Michael Pitt 06.15.05

Ghostwise 02.10.11

Prospector 03.07.11

Toys in Trouble 03.19.11

Queens of The Stone Age 03.25.11


Denali @ The Mercury Lounge  

Denali 10.02.03
@ The Mercury Lounge NYC

The early aughts are like a Blackwater Bay of sunken ships of bands-that-ought-have-been-huge before the doom that befell the music industry worse than anything that happened in Valyria. {see the rest...}

Buffalo Clover @ The Delancey 

Buffalo Clover 05.14.14
@ The Delancey NYC

One of the great thrills of booking a small venue that I'd never get booking Terminal 5 (though there are days, I'd take the salary over the thrills) is when a little band from Nashville like Buffalo Clover comes through and just musically lays waste to the place on their Sherman-esque march to future glory. {see the rest...}

Beatie Wolfe @ Fontana's

Beatie Wolfe 09.12.12
@ Fontana's NYC

Live in this city long enough and you'll have your fair share of run-ins with people who are (or think they are) the apex predators of their life's calling. {see the rest...}

Dennis Cahlo & The Change @ The Delancey

Dennis Cahlo & The Change 06.27.14
@ The Delancey NYC

I've been fortunate enough to have been able to call Dennis Cahlo a friend since 2003 when he was in the way too-unfortunate-not-to-have-made-it-huge legendary band The Realistics. {see the rest...}

Elka & The Seltzers @ The Delancey 

Elka & The Seltzers 08.13.14
@ The Delancey NYC

From my Instagram last night: "Elka & The Seltzers are like if Tiny Tim was a cute awkward super smart nerdy nearly hipster girl. With a band. Yeah!".{see the rest...}

Bunny Punch @ The Delancey

Bunny Punch 04.04.14
@ The Delancey NYC

As a huge fan of classical music - Baroque in particular - and a firm believer in it's importance in being a foundation for all the music that followed, I get a particular thrill when modern bands use string instruments like cellos and in the case of Bunny Punch, the wonderful violin.{see the rest...}

Slang King @ The Delancey

Slang King 05.16.14
@ The Delancey NYC

I said going into this Friday night that this was one of the best and maybe most important shows I'd put together since coming over to The Delancey at the beginning of March. {see the rest...}

Maggie Poulos @ The Delancey

Maggie Poulos 06.27.14
@ The Delancey NYC

What more can I say about my dear friend, Maggie Poulos? Ever since her first band, Daybreaker way back in 2003, she's had stories to sing that have always deserved a wider audience and full credit to her, all these years later she's still giving it a goddamn whirl as well she should
. {see the rest...}

The Mayberries @ The Delancey  

The Mayberries 07.27.14
@ The Delancey NYC

There were moments this very early Sunday night when my mouth and mind both stood agape as the near nigh impossible to pigeonhole into a genre The fabulous Mayberries deftly navigated the tricky sonic waters which they rode from a Misfits cover to Uncle Tupelo-esque nu-country to songs that when I closed my eyes took me back to watching Weston play near my college.  {see the rest...}

The Mayberries @ The Delancey  

The Mayberries 06.23.14
@ The Delancey NYC

Here are all The Mayberries photos from their show last night here at The Delancey attempting to convey their Spinal Tap-esque display of strength and power.
 {see the rest...}

The Mayberries @ The Delancey  

The Mayberries 05.05.14
@ The Delancey NYC

This was a momentous occasion, a true technological leap forward - the first time I've ever booked a band through finding them on Reddit (r/indie_rock)!
 {see the rest...}

Overlord @ The Delancey

Overlord 07.19.14
@ The Delancey NYC

From my Instagram of that night, "The legendary Overlord playing @thedelancey tonight. Their name would imply they're more Replacements than Ribspreader."
 {see the rest...}

Sly Moth @ The Delancey 

Sly Moth 07.19.14
@ The Delancey NYC

I've recently found that Instagram posts I make about a band smack dab in the middle the often-hypnotic all-sensory whirlwind of their show make for quite the succinct intro to a more fleshed-out review, and so it goes...{see the rest...}

Silversun Pickups @ Mercury Lounge

Silversun Pickups 10.11.06
@ Mercury Lounge NYC

Often people will ask me why I've been booking small clubs since I got into this business in 2003, and while the long answer is convoluted and would probably require psychoanalysis... {see the rest...}

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