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Lost in Time When Life Takes Place
Within the Space of a Pop Song...

I'll stop the day  / You'll rise again 
Don't count the news man to signal the end /
 'Cause you can trust your farthest friends across the world ...

- stellastarr*, "Lost In TIme"

"You see, he knows he's not remembering this dance, he's there. He's there in both moments simultaneously. And just like for an instance (snaps his fingers), all his life is just folding in on itself and it's obvious to him that time is a lie...(Jesse motions to his right, and sees Céline standing against the wall, listening to him) uh...that's it's all happening all the time and inside every moment is another moment, all...You know, happening simultaneously.  And, anyway, that’s…that's kind of the idea...anyway."
- Jesse Wallace, Before Sunset

What's the deal here?

This second incarnation of my band photography blog was created in March 2011 as a Fitzgerald-defying second act.  It will someday eventually contain as many restored-from-oblivion photos from my original site jenyk.com (1999-2007) as I can cobble together. 

Click here for a list of nearly EVERY show I've shot since 1999, many of which were lost during a server deletion incident in 2007 and are in the Sisyphusian process of being recovered (see way down below for diatribe about that).

Directly below are all the shows - old & new - I've added or restored in the past 3 years in chronological order of site entry...

Shows in order of most recently added to the site
+ indicates sets remastered from lower-res photos

Beatie Wolfe

New Myths

September Girls

Yassou Benedict

Mac McCaughan

Frances Cone

Amanda X

Charly Bliss


Plan B

Magneta Lane

Ipso Facto

The Go Station

Kevin Devine

Man In Gray 03.27.04+


Blake Hazard


The Blake Babies


Aerial Love Feed


The Twenty-Twos 11.13.03+

Shock Radar


Seachange 05.01.04+


Calotype 08.26.14

stellastarr* 04.24.03+


Julia Haltigan

Willy Mason

The Mynabirds 09.30.14

La Laque 01.07.05

Slang King

The Mendoza Line 09.13.03

The Mynabirds 10.22.10

Bonfire Madigan 05.25.03+

Shade 08.20.04

The Fever 09.26.14

The Morning After Girls 03.24.05+

Ambulance LTD 06.13.03*

Beck 04.16.05*

Tarantula (A.D.) 09.14.03*

Haley Bonar 12.03.03+

Rachael Yamagata 12.04.03 

The Comas 03.25.05

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 03.02.05 

Tight Fit (Tralala) 02.04.04

Wolfmother 09.15.04+

The Last Town Chorus 05.08.03+ 

Daybreaker 11.25.03

Daybreaker 09.28.03+

Azure Ray 09.02.03+

The Caulfield Sisters 05.01.04

The Fiery Furnaces 09.02.03

Low 12.03.03+

The Walkmen 09.06.02+

The Raveonettes 12.12.03+

Rilo Kiley 03.02.03+

The Realistics 10.03.03+

Eagle and Talon 09.04.04

At The Moment 07.14.14

White Magic 08.16.03+

Japanther 06.27.03+

Interpol 08.05.02+

Franz Ferdinand 02.19.04+

Tilly and The Wall 10.08.04

La Laque 05.08.04

stellastarr* 09.06.03+

Au Revoir Simone 05.13.04

Forget Cassettes 07.06.03+

Forget Cassettes 07.07.03+

Phantogram 10.22.09

Sly Moth 09.05.14

Bunny Punch 09.05.14

Beatie Wolfe 09.19.12

Tarantula (A.D.) 10.14.03+

Danger Mouse 05.30.03+

Bella Lea (Ambulette) 03.10.05+

American Dream 12.12.12

Frk.Fryd 06.22.12

Sea Ray 04.08.04+

The Twenty-Twos 10.10.03+

Sea Ray 03.08.04+

Quitzow 05.28.14

Kicksonic 08.14.14

Denali 10.02.03+

Buffalo Clover 05.14.14

Beatie Wolfe 09.12.12

Dennis Cahlo & The Change 06.27.14

Elka & The Seltzers 08.13.14

Bunny Punch 04.04.14

Slang King 05.16.14

Beth Orton 06.14.04+

Maggie Poulos 06.27.14

Autodrone 12.05.03+

The Mayberries 07.27.14

The Mayberries 06.23.14

The Mayberries 05.05.14

Overlord 07.19.14

Sly Moth 07.19.14

Silversun Pickups 10.11.06+

PJ Harvey 06.05.04+

Dirty on Purpose 04.19.03+

Laura Cantrell 02.02.12

Lindbergh Palace 06.30.11

Archers of Loaf 06.26.11 

Tiff Randol 05.14.11 

Dean and Britta  06.17.11

Broken Social Scene 06.19.03

The Canon Logic 04.28.11

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 01.23.05 

The Head Set 05.13.11

Tilly and the Wall 06.01.04

Elliot and the Ghost 05.10.11

Yes! Selector Party 09.10.03
Brenn 05.10.11
New Moods 05.09.11

The Caulfield Sisters 11.03.03

Daniel Wayne 05.05.11

The Affair 12.11.03

Men and Whales 05.05.11

Snowden 07.20.04

The Revere 05.05.11

Hula 07.09.04

Seaflux 04.29.11

The mOrgans 04.29.11

Kristin Diable 03.16.04

Elk City 09.13.03

Switchblade 04.29.11

Annekei 03.07.11

Unknown Mortal Orchestra 04.25.11

The Postal Service 04.18+19.03

The Lemonheads 04.28.11

Young Prisms 04.23.11

Laura Burhenn 08.19.04

Carissa's Wierd 07.05.03

Smith Westerns 04.25.11 

The Kills 07.18.03

The Photo Atlas 04.21.11

Calla 04.26.03

stellastarr* 05.13+20.05

Voxhaul Broadcast 04.19.11

Skybombers 04.19.11

The Comas 09.08.04

Night Fevers 04.19.11

Versus 01.04.03

Charlotte Martin 06.10.03

The Factory 04.16.11 

Tenements 04.16.11

The Blake Babies 07.19.01

Shelby 04.05.04

New York Band Draft 10.16.10

Rachael Yamagata 09.27.03

Ponywhip 04.08.11
The Pioneers of Seduction 04.06.11
Denali 02.06.04
Dear Comrade 04.05.11
Dennis Cahlo 01.27.04 
Corita 04.02.11
Lykke Li 05.07.08
The Antlers 04.16.08
Karen Elson & dawn Landes 12.20.03
Overlord 04.02.11
Pela 10.04.03 
Sea Ray 05.03.03
The Dough Rollers  03.25.11
Bright Eyes 02.24.04 
Tilly and the Wall 01.18.04
joanaspolice-woman 01.27.04
The Threads 03.07.11
Longwave 05.03.03 
Madison Strays 06.08.04
Michael Pitt 06.15.05
Ghostwise 02.10.11
Prospector 03.07.11
Toys in Trouble 03.19.11
Queens of The Stone Age 03.25.11

A little bit of history... in which I become my own Behind The Music cliché or "snailClimb Mount Fuji, But slowly, slowly!"

I love to watch  you fall apart
You're turning into higher art...
- The Comas, Tonight on the WB

There was once a little band photography blog called jenyk.com that was my life's dream that lasted from 1999-2007. In its halcyon days, it cranked out 3 shows a night, drew 30,000 visitors a day, threw weekly shows all over the city, and documented what in hindsight may have been the last dying gasp of The Lower East Side and pre-money Williamsburg non-ironic glamour, sexiness, and danger in our indie rock scene.

That dream was suddenly literally deleted with ignominy from virtual existence by the internets gods when I failed to pay my server bills after I went away to clean the NYC out of my system in 2007.

Through that site, I had the pleasure of being at over 1000 shows shooting over 30,000 photos of bands as well as some street scenes, the odd press photo, even sold some records, threw some awesome parties, traveled to Europe and around America,  and most importantly got to meet my personal Golden Gods and Goddesses, some of the greatest people and musicians in the world,

Finally in a bittersweet turn, it helped to launch my career as a full-time band booker and promoter - sweet in that it's something I've always wanted to do, but bitter in that the actual music business is an absolute bitch of a beast and the ultimate "seeing how the sausage is made" experience.

The memories, as hazy as they are, are something that never fails to put a smile on my face.

That site, being my artistic life's work to that point, was more a part of me than any of my day jobs were and then I blew it all (up my nose). 

Totally losing 8 years of one's life's work was beyond devastating to say the least (even worse, someone stupidly didn't have a back-up, anywhere - this is your brain on drugs). 

But, though it's taken several years of epic solipsistic battles with regret, I've since rallied and come to grips with what I'd done and decided to put it all back together. 

Over the past few years up to today, I've been scouring the internet caches and archives as well as some tragically damaged hard drives, cdr's, even zip and floppy disks to piece together what I've been able to of the 1000+ shows and 10,000 photos I had photographed and archived. 

I call it "deep storage hard drive dumpster diving".  And slowly, slowly but surely, when I come across a particularly glorious show that I'd probably blacked out during, it makes the task seem more Jeterian and less Sisyphusian in scope.

In this master listing of shows, the ones with no links are photos that till to be salvaged.  Of those, the ones with no dates need even more research.

Eventually, I'll be restoring as many as I can of these shows to this site as its own page and adding more shows to this list as I find them. 

For now, I've linked up all the new ones from 2011 to present and any that I've recovered and sometimes remastered so far.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past..." 
You're goddamn right we do.

  Jasper Coolidge
September 2014

Here's some drivel from the "glory days" that both souped up my head and scared the shit out off me at the time *cough*therapy*cough*...

New York Press, Article August 12, 2003 

Jasper Coolidge probably goes to more shows than you. He’s almost certainly taken more pictures than you. Armed with a Sony Cybershot DSC-F717, he sees about a dozen bands each week and puts their photos on his website, jenyk.com. He also writes about each show, often mentioning how wasted he was and how overwhelmed he is by each band’s potential. So far, he’s chronicled more than 200 shows and posted close to 10,000 pictures. Jasper likes bands on the rise. There are no pictures of the Strokes or White Stripes at jenyk.com. There are, instead, 10 sets of photos of the charming, moody loverboys of Elefant and four sets of the fierce, hot-as-fuck gals (and one guy) in the Twenty-Twos. Jasper lives in a blissful world of honest, unabashed fandom... "My philosophy has always been: I can’t play an instrument; I’m tone-deaf," Jasper told me. "Even though I played piano for nine years, I don’t recall any of it. So this is my way of contributing to the creative process, of not just being another fan in the crowd."

"Official" Bio from 2004

In addition to gaining recognition for his photography of bands, Jasper runs jenyk/dot/com which features up and coming musical acts in what has become a new type of media - describing, exposing, and promoting bands - all through an unbiased and independent filter. Averaging 25,000 visitors a month, jenyk.com has become what he describes as "an essential digital outpost for independent new music that deserves to be seen and heard." Among the bands he's been capturing since their early days and have since broken into the big time are Elefant, The Fiery Furnaces, Denali, Rainer Maria, and stellastarr*. 

In 2003 he launched VICIOUS @ Sin-é, a monthly showcase of the best new NYC buzz bands and truthflies.com, an online record store specializing in promoting unsigned artists


Something old, something new, every day (ish)...
Featured & topical shows either redeemed from hard drive purgatory or taken at a recent show. 

added November 19, 2014

Beatie Wolfe @ The Delancey

Beatie Wolfe 10.28.14

@ The Delancey NYC


In the two years since I'd seen Beatie perform live, she's been a very busy artist.  From working with such legends as Wynton Marsalis to being featured on a big in the UK children's show Moshi Monsters to being a global ambassador for Britain to innovating a possible media game-changer with her very own 3D interactive album app, she's been a veritable jetsetting world conqueror. {see the rest...}

added November 17, 2014

New Myths @ The Delancey

New Myths 10.24.14

@ The Delancey NYC

There must be something in the water these days in Philly, what with the emergence of really exciting bands like Amanda X and New Myths (not to mention the seemingly Lazarus-esqe Mark Sanchez). {see the rest...}

added November 13, 2014

September Girls @ The Delancey

September Girls 10.24.14

@ The Delancey NYC

With September Girls' band name seemingly lovingly adapted from one of Big Star's most revered songs, us Yanks who make up that unique sweet spot of knowing the reference AND digging Irish lass rock had been looking forward to seeing them live on this side of pond ever since they were announced for CMJ 2014. {see the rest...}

added November 5, 2014

Yassou Benedict @ The Delancey

Yassou Benedict 10.24.14
@ The Delancey NYC

I can imagine that in some tiny basement Boston club back in 1982, a small group of very fortunate patrons were treated to one of the first performances of an Aimee Mann-led 'Til Tuesday and came away from the experience much in the same way Yassou Benedict's 1,479 current Facebook likers who've had the pleasure of seeing them live have - blown the fuck away and obsessively wanting more. {see the rest...}

added November 4, 2014

Mac McCaughan @ Hifi

Mac McCaughan 10.23.14
@ HiFi NYC

There was a hot and rainy Sunday night back in the summer of 2005 when I was booking Pianos when Mark Gardener just happened to pop by late in the evening and play an impromptu acoustic set in front of all of 20-odd jaw-dropped fans.  {see the rest...}

added November 3, 2014

Frances Cone @ The Delancey

Frances Cone 10.22.14

@ The Delancey NYC

What an absolute treat seeing the gloriously ethereal Frances Cone on a school day afternoon (at my own club being the icing on the cake). {see the rest...}

added October 30, 2014

Amanda X @ Cake Shop

Amanda X 10.23.14
@ Cake Shop NYC

Amanda X have (unwittingly or not, doesn't matter) fused the sounds of two of my favorite 90's bands, TIGER TRAP and SLEATER-KINNEY and forged a sound all their own - thoroughly modernly crunchy and catchy. {see the rest...}

added October 28, 2014

Charly Bliss @ The Delancey

Charly Bliss
@ The Delancey NYC

Like most things overwrought and unwieldly in life, the monster that is CMJ is what you make of it. {see the rest...}

added October 20, 2014

Portastatic @ Webster Hall

Portastatic 04.25.05

@ Webster Hall NYC

To kick off CMJ week here in NYC and to get myself psyched for Mac's upcoming show at Hi-Fi (formerly the legendary Brownie's), I've dusted off this never-before-seen set of photos of Portastatic playing with The Brunettes and Rilo Kiley (both of whom I have pics of as well) from April 2005. {see the rest...}

added October 16, 2014

Plan B @ Pianos

Plan B 10.13.04

@ Pianos NYC

For the longest f'n time, this long dormant photo set of Seattle's Plan B from CMJ 2004 has been itching at me as John Wayne may have said, "like a chigger under my skin". {see the rest...}

added October 15. 2014

Magneta Lane @ Mercury Lounge

Magneta Lane 04.10.06

@ Mercury Lounge NYC

Back in 2006 when they were opening for Silversun Pickups, I and a lot of people were thinking Magneta Lane was going to be the next L7 or Babes in Toyland. {see the rest...}

added October 15. 2014

Ipso Facto @ The Delancey

Ipso Facto 09.25.14
@ The Delancey NYC

Ipso Facto (aka Rob Belfiore) is the kind of artist that I'm stunned isn't on and winning crap TV talent shows because he would blow them out of the fucking water. {see the rest...}

added October 13. 2014

Kevin Devine @ Pianos

Kevin Devine 08.15.04 (remastered)
@ Pianos NYC

I'm going to go out on a limb here and posit that The Miracle of '86, one of Kevin Devine's early days bands (and the one I first knew him from), just doesn't have the spiritual all-encompassing emotion for the 18 year olds born in that actual year than those of us like me, 13 or so at the time. {see the rest...}

added October 11, 2014

Calla @ The Mercury Lounge

Calla 04.26.03

@ Mercury Lounge NYC

from jenyk.com at the time...

At this point, we've all heard the hype and some have experienced firsthand the meteoric rise of Calla from NYC record store clerks to UK record store magazine covers; from CMJ curtain jerkers to CMJ #1's. The "American Radiohead" are the classic examples of local boys done good. We all wondered what if anything would have changed in Aurelio and company's demeanor, stage show, and music on this side of the roller coaster. {see the rest...}

added October 9, 2014

Aerial Love Feed @ Plaid

Aerial Love Feed 08.29.03
@ Plaid NYC

from jenyk.com at the time...

Stalking the stage like a blonde red baron, Wade is just the tip of the charisma iceberg in the band. {see the rest...}

added October 9, 2014

Eisley @ Sin-e

Eisley 11.29.03 (remastered)
@ Sin-e NYC

from jenyk.com at the time...

Just when I thought my November just couldn't get any better from a musical bliss standpoint - somehow we at Sin-é score some kind of coup in getting Coldplay-opening Eisley to play at our little club.  Comprised of three sisters (21, 18, 16), one brother (17), and a neighbor (19), they are so far from a Hanson or insert cheese pop band name here that it's not even funny. {see the rest...}

added October 7, 2014

Shelby @ Pianos

Shelby 10.14.04
@ Pianos NYC

So this seemed like a fitting time to dig up these old photos of a very-underappreciated little but ought to have been bigger NYC band called Shelby. {see the rest...}

added October 6, 2014

stellastarr* @ Pianos

stellastarr* 04.24.03
@ Pianos NYC

from jenyk.com at the time...

The absolute highlight of yet another debaucherous 3 show night that included The Forms, PS, and The Twenty-Twos was the pre-supernova blow-up performance of stellastarr* at that most intimate of LES rock star bars, Piano's{see the rest...}

added October 5, 2014

Julia Haltigan @ Greenwich House Music School

Julia Haltigan 04.03.14
@ Greenwich House Music School NYC

Going to shows in the city at the typical small club venues can be an rote experience made novel only by the quality of the talent on offer.